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The idea of founding a racing club emerged during the yacht races at the Çeşme Festival in 1999. As a result of this idea Aegean Offshore Sailing Club (EAYK) was established by the sailors of Aegean district, national sailing athletes from Göztepe Sailing Team, and sailboat and motorboat owners of Çeşme in 2000.

In the same year, depending on the race program of Turkish Sailing Federation, the club has showed a significant success by organizing 10 yacht races in 2001.

In the directions of April 2002 General Assembly decisions, first steps have been taken to be a regional club as named in its title, by transporting the headquarter from Çeşme to İzmir as well as giving authority to the Board that to open branches appropriate places.

EAYK has organized races in the Gulf of Izmir for many years in spite of inadequate infrastructure and marina services. Levent Marina was the sole venue in the center of Izmir but its unfavorable conditions completely disappeared in 2011. After opening a marina in Sığacık the club was moved to there. Teos Marina has allocated marina facilities including Club House and began to host. Yacht races held in the Gulf of Sığacık.

In 2014, following the idea of "Collaboration at Izmir Seas”, the unity of yacht clubs and marinas had been provided and co-race program has been arranged. In this context Aegean Offshore Yacht Club (EAYK), International Çeşme Yacht Club (ICYC), Urla Yacht Club (URİYAT), Teos Marina, Cesme Marina altogether launched Izmir Yacht Racing Program in 2014.

Now, racers from Izmir have begun to follow this common Trophy with a higher participation. Also a higher participation to this Trophy from other regions of Turkey, especially from Ankara Sailing Club and Kuşadası Yacht Club, has been observed. Besides a competitive race team from Greece participated in Izmir Trophy In 2014. Thus Izmir is becoming a center in the maritime world that makes feel its power and weight.

Along with racing programs EAYK also stands out with cruising activities.

The Regatta of the Ancient Mediterranean Ports (MEDPORTS) that we launched in 2012 has become an event repeated every year and given successful acclaim for brilliant performance in a short time. MEDPORTS already gained brand value.

EAYK also engages in social responsibility projects.

Together with Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch we started sailing courses.

Together with Teos Marina, Seferihisar Municipality, Fishing Cooperative of Sığacık, Diving Schools we organized an environment project named “Keep Clean Our Seas”. By this event we performed with a wide range of sea and coastal solid waste collection actions.

Together with Teos Marina and Buca Disabled Association we organized a Sailing Festival for the disabled citizens.

TEOS SOFRASI (TEOS DINNER) is one of our traditional catering and entertainment events. TEOS SOFRASI consolidates the friendship between the sailors and gives moral strength.

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